Mastering: Why is it important?

Everyone is familiar with the term, but what exactly is it. Well simply put: it is the process by whereby each mixed track is put through another set of processes to equalise the sound, the depth, the width, the overall level and also in some instances help reclaim some of the underlying details that may have become lost in the mix.  Wheras a mix conndenses the many tracks into a single track. The mastering process just works on that mixed down track to present the best overall sound to the listener.  Below are some before and after examples of my work.  The befores were taken straight off a 1995 disk, resampled at 96K and then remastered back to CD (The afters). 

Have a project you would like mastered?

If you feel you would like to talk to me about a mastering project and the costs, please get in touch via the contact page.  Happy to quotes costs for a single track, that won't break the bank, and also complete albums.  Why not take advantage of the try before you buy, where a single track (with a spoiler) will be mastered for you to listen to.   All mastering services will include in addition to a new master supplied at sample rate of your choosing (96k, 48k 24bit or 32), a 44.1k 16bit CD master, 320kps mp3s and for complete CD projects a .CUE cd master image.